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Staffing and Employment Issues Subcommittee

The Staffing and Employment Issues Subcommittee works to promote equal access and fairness in all staffing and employment issues at both the Faculty and University levels, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and age. This includes concerns with hiring, tenure and promotion, and retention processes, as well as questions relating to leadership and key committee membership.

Mr Albert Wong - lead

Lecturer, Centre for Applied English Studies

Working Group on Equality of Access to Spousal Benefits at HKU

Mr Albert Wong - lead


Dr Brenda Alegre

Lecturer, Gender Studies Programme

Working Group on Staffing and Employment Issues of Non-Academic Staff

Ms Zena Cheung

School Administration Manager, SMLC

Ms Mandy Leung

School Manager, School of English

Ms Kitty Mak

School Manager, School of Humanities

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