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Entries in the Inclusive Language section are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent article first. Articles are of global interest but collected with an Asian focus.

Inclusive Language

Kuta, Sarah. “Gender-Neutral Words Like ‘People’ and ‘Person’ Are Perceived as Male, Study Suggests.” Smithsonian Magazine. April 7, 2022.

Montell, Amanda. “A Cultural History of Feminine Nouns Turned Into Insults.” Medium. May 21, 2019.


Patel, Eboo. “Zombie Jesus and the Running Person.” Inside Higher Ed. May 8, 2019.


Flaherty, Colleen. “‘TERF’ War.” Inside Higher Ed. August 29, 2018.


Barry, Hannah. “‘They're Not Policy’: WA Universities Defend ‘Gendered Language’ Guidelines.” WAtoday. June 19, 2018.


“‘Gendered Language' Banned at Australian Universities.” Newshub. June 10, 2018.


Bauer-Wolf, Jeremy. “The End of ‘Freshman’.” Inside Higher Ed. September 18, 2017.


Rudgard, Olivia. “University Students Told essays Will Be Marked Down If They Fail to Use ‘Gender-Sensitive’ Language.” The Telegraph. April 2, 2017.


Peters, Mark. “The Hiden Sexism in Workplace Language.” BBC. March 30, 2017.


Stephenson, Grace Karram. “Can Academic Freedom Make Space for Minority Groups?” University World News. December 2, 2016.

Inclusive Language
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