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Gender and Diversity Research in the Faculty of Arts

The Faculty is a recognized centre of research excellence in fields that include Asian Cinema, China Studies, Chinese Philosophy, Fine Arts, History, Law and Literature, Linguistics, and Post-colonial Literatures, and is active in fostering partnerships globally and exploring new means of facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration.

Hong Kong

Faculty members produce a body of research on gender and sexuality in Asia with a particular focus on Hong Kong that is unique in the world. They include experts on the construction of gender ideologies and stereotypes through social media, women filmmakers (we host a unique webpage on Hong Kong women directors), queer sexualities, Chinese feminism, colonialism, and female servitude in late nineteenth-century Hong Kong.



A considerable number of the Faculty’s film scholars have studied the work of Chinese women directors. The contribution to the study of gender and Chinese sexual history research is impressive with scholars focusing on homoerotic sensibilities in China, sex and sensibility in the Qing and Ming societies, and the history of Chinese fiction from a gender perspective. Power and masculinity in Chinese culture, and the representation and agency of women examined in the context of labour and consumerism studies are also Faculty research strengths.


The Faculty’s research on Asia is extensive and includes scholarly contributions on Korean pop music, cinema, and television, Japanese masculinity in the mass media, Japanese consumerism, the female image in Japanese advertising, perceptions of transgender women in the Philippines, gay poets in Manila and Singapore, and transnational Asian masculinities.


Global Connections

Beyond Asia, our scholars explore a wide range of issues, including gender and history, global masculinities, women writers and filmmakers, women and diplomacy, transnational feminism(s), gender and empire, feminist artists and motherhood, non-normative sexualities, Catholic women, girlhood, and the intersections of gender, race, and language in different media.

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