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A Protest Poetry Reading with Tammy Ho

A Protest Poetry Reading with Tammy Ho

Speakers: Dr. Tammy Ho

Moderator: Dr. Alvin Wong, Department of Comparative Literature, HKU

Date: 24 Oct 2019

Time: 1-2:30 PM

Venue: 4.36, 4/F, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU

Tammy Lai-Ming Ho is the founding co-editor of the first Hong Kong-based international Asia-focused journal, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, an editor of the academic journals Victorian Network and Hong Kong Studies, and the first English Editor of Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine. She has edited or co-edited seven volumes of poetry, short fiction and essays, the most recent one being Twin Cities: An Anthology of Twin Cinema from Singapore and Hong Kong (Landmark Books, 2017). Tammy is an Associate Professor at Hong Kong Baptist University, where she teaches poetics, fiction, and modern drama. She is also the President of PEN Hong Kong, a Junior Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities, an Advisor to the Leeds Centre for New Chinese Writing, and an Associate Director of One City One Book Hong Kong. 

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