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EOC works with local universities on policy against sexual harassment in campus

MAY. 29, 2019

In a written response to a question from a Legislative Council lawmaker, Secretary for Education Mr Kevin Yeung said all universities have open policies on the prevention of sexual harassment and mechanisms for handling related complaints. Following the release of an EOC territory-wide study on sexual harassment of university students in Hong Kong in January 2019, the EOC respectively met with the Chairman of the UGC, the Convenor of the Heads of Universities Committee (HUCOM) and Presidents and/or Vice-Presidents of individual universities to discuss possible measures for addressing sexual harassment in universities. The HUCOM is proactively exploring follow-up actions to be taken, including proposals on commissioning the EOC to conduct a follow-up survey in three to five years' time and produce training materials for universities, as well as creating the post of equal opportunities officer in university. (Sing Tao)

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